Jim's Words

Jim looking into camera

This website is a new experience in self expression. There are two ways to do that. The first is to put thoughts into words. The second is to put thoughts into pictures. Either way is meant to create interest for you as a reader and viewer. Hearing from you will add to how we react in thought and action. Let us know what you think about this site and its content.

We are continually learning and experiencing new things. Some of these we will put into words that you may find helpful for your next photographic outing.

Tony's Words

My adventure in photography started when I moved to Alberta, where there’s never a lack of subject matter. I joined a photography club and learned about my craft, spending many enjoyable days in the mountains. I started with a manual focus film camera, which helped me to learn the basics.

When I moved back to Ontario, I met Jim Auty, who introduced me to digital photography. We have been friends for over fifteen years. The one thing that amazes me about photography, is being able to freeze a moment in time and enjoy the result. Hope you will enjoy my photos.

Latest Photos

Heron SpencerPk CanalBridge Frozen Frost Spider

The two of you are starting to look professional. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

A. NewmanFan

Last year, you guys were trying to do paintings. Now you are taking pictures. Next year are you going to paint pictures?

Pat L.Friend

Remember? I traded for one of your paintings last year! Are you going to be selling some of your pictures? ...painting them??

Tyler A.Friend