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Making a Weather bag This is temporary protection for your camera in light rain or drizzle.

1 You will need a large freezer bag with a squeeze to seal closure, scissors, pen/marker, tape and your camera with accessories. Before starting, decide on the lens you will use. You will not want to change lenses in the rain. Ensure your camera with lens extended will fit within the bag.

2 Use the lens hood to mark a circle at closed end of bag. Cut circle from bag. Place camera lens in bag and fit hole over the end of the lens. Install lens hood. Removal of camera straps is suggested. Mark location of tripod mount and poke a hole using a pen. Install the tripod quick release pad (if using). You may want to tape the extended lens hood to the bag. This to prevent water getting into the lens as it zooms in and out.

3 PRACTISE operating the camera indoors BEFORE going out. Work out frustrations early in comfortable surroundings. Can you operate the controls you use often? Is your vision through the bag and viewfinder sufficient for your needs? Anticipate and make the proper setting for your expected subject and lighting. Set white balance, ISO to capture subject in the available light, Aperture priority set for wide open lens. Then all you do is ensure everything is steady for the shutter speed set by the camera. Battery fully charged? Does camera card have capacity for anticipated pictures? Will a cable release help? Will you need knee pads?

4 - 5 If you will have to change lenses in the rain, you will loose the taped connection to the lens hood. Do you really want to do this? PRACTISE indoors several times. Ensure you are comfortable with the routine before attempting it in the rain.

The procedure and items used and/or suggested worked for us. You are responsible for ensuring this procedure and items used are suitable to your use, needs and capabilities.

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